Please review our frequently asked questions page below. If you still have a question or comment, go to our contact us page.

What types of massage do you offer?
InFusion Bodywork offers a wide range of massage therapy services. Please go to our massage services page to look over our menu of services. We also offer chair massage. Please visit our chair massage services page for details

Do you offer any other type of services?
Yes, InFusion Bodywork offers personal training services. Currently we refer out to our trusted partner at Cha-Cha’s Fitness Training

What should I expect to happen during my first session?
Prior to your first massage therapy session several steps will occur. You will have to fill out an intake form and a health questionnaire. At that time, we will review and go over your information. Any modifications to the treatment protocol will be addressed. All treatment plans for massage are catered to fit your needs

Do you offer sexual, erotic, or sensual massage?
No, all massage services are for therapeutic purposes.

Are there any medical conditions where massage is not recommended?
Yes. Be sure to let InFusion Bodywork know of any medical conditions that you have been diagnosed with. This includes any conditions past and present. During the intake process any medical issues can be discussed. In some cases, a physicians note or prescription may be necessary

How often should I receive massage therapy?
Ideally, massage therapy should be received at least once per week. Realistically, it will be a subjective decision based on your body’s need. We will discuss that during our intake and post massage session. Think of massage as you would a car’s regularly scheduled maintenance. You need to change your oil, likewise, you need regularly scheduled massage. Always, do what you can afford. In some cases, massage is needed more often. The time needed will depend on your specific needs

How often should I exercise?
Ideally, you should begin a regular exercise routine that includes 2-3 days of cardio training and 2-3 days of strength training. Rest of 24-48 hours in between each particular activity is also recommended. This should include at least 1 day of rest during the week. Your training program will depend on your fitness level. All training programs are customized to fit your needs. InFusion Bodywork currently refers personal training services to our trusted partner at Cha-Cha’s Fitness Training

Should I tip for my massage therapy services?
Tips are always accepted and appreciated

Do you offer packages for any of your services?
Yes, packages are available for any of our services

What are your hours of operation?
Hours are by appointment only. Appointments are available Tuesday- Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m

Where are you located?
Jesse R. Salmon services has a beautiful office in Maitland, Florida. Please go to my Contact Us page for more information.